Light Projects

A collection LED control examples for Arduino

Low-voltage DC Lamps
LED Strip Control
Addressable LEDs
Color Spaces
Pattern Making

This project is maintained by tigoe

Light Parts

This is a list of parts used in building this repository, and a few more that might be useful.

Programmable LEDs (WS2812b, SK6812, APA102C or equivalent):

LED Strips (not individually addressable):

DC power supplies:


LED standard-base 12V bulbs (G6.35 2-pin base):


Transistors. For most 12-24V sources, you’ll need transistors to control them from a microcontroller. The following transistors have been tested with the examples here:

Tangible controls. These are included for example purposes only. You can use whatever input you want for your LED projects.


I tend to use the MKR series Arduinos a lot: