Light Projects

A collection LED control examples for Arduino

Low-voltage DC Lamps
LED Strip Control
Addressable LEDs
  NeoPixel Library Quickstart
  Making Electronic Candles
Color Spaces
Light Rendering Indices
Pattern Making

This project is maintained by tigoe

Light Parts

This is a list of parts used in building this repository, and a few more that might be useful.

Programmable LEDs (WS2812b, SK6812, APA102C or equivalent):

LED Strips (not individually addressable):

DC power supplies:


LED standard-base 12V bulbs (G6.35 2-pin base):


Transistors. For most 12-24V sources, you’ll need transistors to control them from a microcontroller. The following transistors have been tested with the examples here:

Tangible controls. These are included for example purposes only. You can use whatever input you want for your LED projects.


I tend to use the MKR series Arduinos a lot:


The AS7341 is an 11-channel spectral sensor that can detect light levels in multiple frequencies from around 400nm to 900nm. It has 8 that sense light in visible spectrum; one channel in the near infrared spectrum; one clear channel without a filter; and one channel that detects 50Hz-60Hz light flicker.