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Eclipse PAHO JavaScript Library

There are several examples for Eclipse PAHO in this directory.


This is a bare minimum client example for Eclipse PAHO JS. On document load, the script for this page gets two divs from the HTML document for local and remote messages.Then it attempts to connect to the broker. Once it does, it sends the local time if it’s connected every two seconds. The publish button allows you to turn on and off publishing status, in case you’re testing with a second client that’s sending to the same topic.

The ArduinoMqttClient example uses the same topic and sends the same range of numeric values if you want to test against another client. The MqttJsClientSimple does the same.


This example combines Eclipse PAHO and p5.js. It sends a value between 1 and 15 to a topic called “notes”. The MQTT functionality is similar to the example above.


A simpler Eclipse PAHO and p5.js client that sends the mouseX and mouseY on a mouse press. The topic for this one is “monkey”.


This example combines the p5.js MQTT client and the p5.js webserial library. It takes any incoming serial messages and sends them out as MQTT messages. An accompanying Arduino sketch, ArduinoJoystick sends the values from a Arduino connected via asynchronous serial port. For more on p5.WebSerial, see these exercises.

Sensor Reader Client with JSON

The example EclipsePahoSensorReceiverJSON subscribes to a topic and listens for JSON messages. It then parses them and displays them. It doesn’t care what the data is, as long as it’s in JSON format. You can change topics just by entering a new topic name in the topic field.

This JSON validator may be useful for when you start reformatting strings and make mistakes.

This example will work any of the Arduino sensor client examples.

Web MIDI Clients

The mqtt-midi-client example combines Eclipse PAHO and p5.js with the Web MIDI API, sending MIDI messages over an MQTT broker:

The mqtt-midi-controller example works without p5.js, and with keyboard input so that it can act as a MIDI controller.

This Arduino MQTT-to-MIDI Client can receive MIDI messages from the same broker and send MIDI to your operating system or MIDI system. This Arduino MIDI-to-MQTT client can send noteon and noteoff messages via MQTT at the push of a button.

Philips Hue Control

This example listens for messages on the topic lights and uses them to set the brightness of a Philips Hue light on the browser’s local network by sending HTTP messages to a local Philips Hue hub to control Hue lights. For more on controlling the Philips Hue, see this repository. It works with the Arduino MqttClientHueControl example as well.

Hue Control via QRCode Client

This example works with the Philips Hue clients as well. It generates its URL in a QR code, to make it easy to pass from one phone to another. It sends a value to the topic lights. If either of the Philips Hue clients is connected to the same broker and topic, they will receive the message and control a Philips Hue light on their own network.