A collection of examples on how to interface sensors to Arduino microcontrollers

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Light Sensors

This page covers a variety of light sensors, most of which are either single-channel or three- or four-channel sensors (RGB or RGBC). There are also a few specialty sensors, like the MAX30105 sensor which can be used for pulse oximetry or the APDS-9960 sensor which can measure RGB as well as sensing gesture and proximity. There is a separate page for multi-channel spectral sensors.

Luminosity Sensors

TSL2591 - Light levels, visible & IR

RGB Sensors

ISL29125 - RGB with IR blocking filter

RGBC Sensors

TCS34725 - 4-channel, red, green, blue, clear

APDS9960 - RGB and gesture

Specialty Sensors

MAX30105 - red, IR, green, for pulse oximetry and particle detection

Discontinued Sensors

GA1AS202L - ambient light

APDS9301 - ambient light sensor

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